Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Arthritic car

There's an old saying that when troubles come they come not singly but in battalions - too true. Health, finances and my car have all been troublesome - the last must be feeling as elderly as I was in my last post. After a week of rain it decided that it really didn't feel like starting up at all this morning. We've had a series of problems with it - rats eating the carbon from the leads, burnt out spark plugs, and then, when everything seemed ok it started spluttering again because it didn't like the weather - the car equivalent of arthritis I guess. So back to Paul, our South African Russian mechanic who does wonders without charging proshop prices. When he sees the car arriving he's taken to hiding his head in despair! Hopefully he will diagnose the latest problem and come up with a solution for it.

He won't be able to do anything about the rust rash that has broken out all over the bonnet and roof - six months in Kidds Beach and it's completely freckled with rust - sea air is a killer on cars and computers. Happy day, however, the rain and clouds are gone and we woke to a brilliant blue sky and sunshine and a payment into the bank so we can actually fill the car and drive in to work and Mike and Kiffa can watch England and SA play cricket at Buffalo Park. So the bad luck and troubles are leavened by some good.

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