Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dreamers and Doers

I joined the Hand Embroidery Network a couple of weeks back and its become a morning pleasure to check into the site and see what new work is up on display in the gallery. This morning there are some amazing pieces that use everything from tracing paper and photostats to old sweet wrappers combined with more traditional embroidering materials. It made me think about how creative people are and that the human race has this deeply entrenched innovative capacity to go beyond the bounds of what was previously thought possible. That old saying 'Nothing is impossible for those who dare' is absolutely true. The other side of that is that alongside the innovators we need the practical down-to-earth people who can turn ideas and dreams into reality. Those who are able to slog for the long haul without getting bored. I'm one of the dreamers but I need the calm, practical common-sense of my husband to keep me grounded and make sure I don't fly off into something that is not really feasible. So to dreamers and doers, innovators and sloggers plus the rest of the range of human beings we all have our roles to play, our particular destinies to fulfil - find yours and do it.

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